Virtual Office Kuala Lumpur saves money.

Demand for the prestigious location address

Are you functioning remotely but wish to leave a long-term expert impression with your clients? With Virtual Workplace, you can keep a feeling of professionalism and trust with all the advantages of having a physical office space without actually possessing one!


Kuala Lumpur prestigious office spaces are hard to come by moreover it is expensive. The best option is to look for a virtual office. There are companies that provide virtual offices for rent in KL. Remote workspace, receive mails and packages. These firms include cloud computing and can back up your files and protect your files.

Remote office 

Furthermore, files can be accessed remotely. SME Business owner’s overhead expenses are reduced substantially in this way. It’s a pool usage in optimization. The friendly receptionist does call answering service, providing file access for all workers and teammates from anywhere using cloud computing. As the famous saying goes, pay for what you use. The remote office is the new way of operation on an affordable budget yet able to use in premium comfort. 

Mail handling

All mail handling can be handled by the receptionist and act as representative business owners, respective clients. Getting an office in Petronas Twin towers is the dream of many businesses, but this can be reality via virtual office locations your business address can carry KLCC address.

Local phone number

Furthermore, local phone number, landline 03 code is highly preferred. Though it will be in coworking space with other businesses in the package, it is the new norm. You can use a prepared meeting room as scheduled. Having to think payroll for staff is no more a burden you can be on holiday when your business is moving, you might be working from home yet productive. 

Google My Business service

Virtual Tour Creator My can optimize your Google My business development even when you are in the Virtual office. We can assist your presence more visible on the internet with panoramic VR 360.


Some of the tools usually provided for the members.

  • Business-class printers Multiple top-of-the-range printers, scanners, and also photocopiers at every place
  • Cleansing solutions Daily specialist cleaning the work space
  • Area for support services, Members-only (bookkeeping, lawful, carrier, HR, insurance, graphic design, and so on).
  • Mega-fast wireless and wired connectivity
  • Free drinks Complimentary coffee, tea, and water
  • Responsible front desk staff on duty from 9 AM-6 PM, (Monday to Friday)
  • Event space for conducting small gathering in the office space for celebrating an occasion
  • The luxury to work remotely from anywhere in the world yet connected