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Why are Local Businesses in Malaysia Failing? It's Not Because of Covid.
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Virtual tour creator Malaysia Gogle My Business optimization, My name is Johnson, we are a virtual tour company Malaysia. I am a Malaysian and to create Virtual Tourism Malaysia is one of my passions. I am also a licensed tour guide by MOTAC . When I started in 360 degree photography
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  • Judy Louis
    "I have used Johnson VR 360 services for my real estate business and I am very satisfied with his work performance and diligence. He has an eye for details which is needed in this line of work and I must say he is a people friendly guy too. I would not hesitate to continue using his services and also recommending his services to people I know. It is value for money for the number of hours spent at site as well as backend works on final product."
  • Chrisaint N
    He is so humble and nice 😇
  • Kev R
    "Very knowledgeable and explains very clearly. Cares about his job a lot"
  • Ravel R
    "An amazing and educational experience. Well done Johnson"
  • Ayesha A
    "Awesome mindblowing da best. Well done Johnson 💝"