Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How soon will my tours be online?

    • Virtual tour shooting, post-processing & hosting in Google Maps within 4 working days. (Best Shooting time after / before business hours) however, Google Street View may take 7 to 14 days for full public viewing.
    • For real estate agents, private virtual tours will take about 3 days for full viewing but this is dependant on the number 360° panorama shots taken.

  • How long will it take to shoot a VR 360 tour on site?

    • For Business Premises in Google My Business – Depending on the size, average shooting is between 1 – 3 hours.
    • For Real Estate Properties – Depending on the property size, the average shooting time is between 2 – 4 hours. Post-processing & hosting within 3 working days. (Bungalows may require double the time).

  • Will my virtual tours expire?

    • Your virtual tours on Google (Google My Business) is a one-time investment and Google will host for you free.
    • Real Estate Agent Virtual Tours are hosted in a different server which will be hosted for 6 months which can be extended.

  • Can I have extra Panoramic 360° interactive photos added to the package?

    Yes, this is possible. The cost is only RM 58.00 per Virtual Tour 360 photo and includes basic editing.

  • Will Virtual Tour Creator travel out of the stated service area for Virtual Tour Creation?

    Yes, we can, please send us a message with your location and requirements.

  • How many VR 360° photos can be included in each tour?

    The tour can have an average of 5 to 20 (VR 360° panorama photos). Example, for a Mall, it can exceed 100 VR 360°panorama photos.

  • Can I have a custom VR tour, eg. text colours etc created for Google Maps?

    Google’s interactive functions are limited, however, we can provide custom-made solutions with advanced software hosted privately. You can then embed the tour in your website.

  • What is the cost to setup Google My business (GMB)?

    Please click here for package pricing.

  • What is the cost to create a Virtual Tour for my shop?

    Please click here for package pricing.

  • Can Virtual Tour Creator do an online virtual tour for Vocational skills exam?

    Yes. We can do interactive vocational skill or training exams with real-time results for students and examiners.

  • Can I place a map link to the property location on my real estate virtual tours?

    Yes. Maps linked to real estate or property can be placed on a virtual tour.

  • Can I place a floor plan on my real estate VR Tour?

    Yes. We can add an interactive floor plan from the plan you provide us with.

  • Can I create a virtual tour of a multi-storey building?

    Yes, we can do different ‘levels’ in Google Maps.

  • Can I include banner advertisements in a virtual tour in Google Maps?

    Google Virtual Maps (Lawatan Maya) allows advertisements in the interior of your building but if Google feels that there is a policy violation they may blur it out. Faces will be blurred so it is best to shoot without people. An alternative solution is for us to host your tour on a different server.  There will be nominal annual hosting charges.

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